CF “Humanitarian Aid and Development Center” delivers bread to residents of villages located on the demarcation line

CF “HADC”is implementing a project to deliver bread to people affected by war actions and living near the demarcation line.
At the moment, assistance is being provided to residents of three settlements of the Yasinovatsky district: Spartak, Veseloe, Krutaya Balka, and for the settlers of these villages living in the hostel, as their housing is destroyed and unsuitable for living.
It should be noted that in these locations there are no grocery stores, and trips to Spartak, Veseloe and Krutaya Balka are quite dangerous — villages are on the line of fire.
Bread is delivered by employees of CF “HADC” for each resident who did not want to leave the house, despite the danger. A total of 195 villages currently live in three villages. In the hostel for migrants — 33 people.
“Bread delivery is very important for us, getting to the nearest store is very problematic. Yes, what is there for bread, in our village now there is only one teenager — a girl who has problems getting to school, because the transport does not go and the village is on the demarcation line. Water is delivered to us in 100 l cans, it’s completely inconvenient for collection and storage, we don’t have our own containers for individual consumption and storage of water and there is no way to purchase them, ”Spartak residents told charity fund employees.
CF “HADC” plans to continue delivering bread to residents of these villages on a weekly basis.
“Now it is customary to say that no one needs food assistance from us anymore. Yes, the number of such people has significantly decreased, however, civilians who live in the five-kilometer zone from the demarcation line still need the most basic things: food, water, warm clothes, solid fuels, medicines and medical equipment, ”said the Head of CF “HADC” Evgeny Dmitriev.

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